Lightning Strike Appliqués

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Integument has developed a high performance paint replacement appliqué coating system designed to protect wind turbines, composite aircraft, and composite-based equipment from Environmental Electromagnetic Effects (E3), including damage incurred from direct lightning strikes.

Appliqués films provide an excellent alternative to conventional embedded metallic foil composite materials currently used for lightning strike protection.  Current systems utilizing embedded metallic foils require costly maintenance and repair once the object incurs a lightning strike event. Integument appliqués act as a sacrificial surface layer that protects underlying composites and can be easily repaired by simply removing from the damaged area the appliqué and replacing it with a new section.

Material Background and Purpose

Integument’s LS-1000 is designed for application on composite and metallic substrates for the purpose of providing high performance protection against corrosion and environmental weathering. In addition, LS-1000 is fabricated with a metallic expanded foil that is embedded within the system so that the metallic foil is protected from corrosion and weathering while providing excellent capabilities for protecting underlying materials from direct lightning strikes and other electromagnetic environmental effects. LS-1000 is designed with a peel and stick adhesive backing which allows it to bond to almost any surface with associated dimensional stability, mechanical performance, environmental durability and thermodynamic stability over the typical life cycle of the structure or equipment it is bonded to. LS-1000 is designed as a sacrificial lighting strike protective layer that can be easily maintained and repaired upon damage from lighting or mechanical damage.