Anti Graffiti Film

graffiti problem

graffiti solved

FluoroGrip ® fluoropolymer films protect against surface damage caused by graffiti and other environmental factors in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

The newest comprehensive anti graffiti film solution:

  • Easy to install, clean, inspect and repair
  • Excellent performance in outdoor environments
  • Can be field applied by hand or laminated in shop
  • Permanently UV stable
  • Outstanding weatherability in a see-through film
  • Anti-corrosion protection of substrate extends service life

Protects against:

  • Paints, inks, acids, dirt and grime, permanent markers, and other stains

Easy to use and install to protect:

  • Road and traffic signs
  • Steel and concrete structures
  • Equipment and enclosures
  • Glass, plastic and other surfaces
  • Walls, interior and exterior
  • Transit shelters
  • Bathroom stalls
  • Mail boxes, garbage bins, light standards
  • Buses, trucks, subway and rail cars
  • Any painted or unpainted surface

Durable bond ensures long-lasting protection.

FluoroGrip anti graffiti films withstand a wide variety of stresses such as extreme temperature cycling, UV rays, and a wide range of aggressive chemicals, paints and acids.

FluoroGrip UV-stable, Teflon ® films offer a permanent alternative to conventionally etched films due to a patented plasma surface modification. The process creates a permanent, chemical covalent bond between the Teflon ® film and adhesive while retaining the full transparency of the film. The bond is permanent enabling it to be used in surface protection applications where currently available film products may fail within 2 to 3 years of use.

Easy to install for enhanced maintenance procedures.

FluoroGrip ® anti graffiti films offer superior adhesive technology for easy, peel-and-stick installation by existing maintenance crews. Its solid sheet design assures consistent coverage, even on edges and corners and systems are engineered for ease of inspection and maintenance. The films are ideal for use in new construction or ongoing maintenance programs.