Fluoropolymer Tapes and Wraps
tapes and wraps

5-mil clear ECTFE (Halar ®) Tape Wrap

It is used to protect dual-laminate FRP piping to protect the exterior resin from chemical attack in a high temperature, splash and spill environment in chlorine and caustic areas.

Integument offers various fluoropolymer pipe wraps and tapes with a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives tailored specific to your temperature and chemical resistance requirements.

FluoroGrip ® insulation pipe wraps and pipe tapes are an excellent multi-purpose solution to a variety of needs throughout chemical plants, primary metals industry, electronic and food processing environments. They are the products of choice when corrosion from aggressive chemicals, high temperature cycling and abrasion demand a reliable solution for equipment, structural steel and exterior of piping and ducts.

Installation is Easy:

Before applying FluoroGrip ®, make sure the substrate is clean. Surface contaminates can be easily removed with any appropriate solvent or detergent. Then apply film by removing the release liner and applying the adhesive-backed film.

Standard Products:

Backed with either acrylic (4 mil thick) or silicone (2 mil thick) pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) and release liner.

Minimum Order – 1 Case. Ask your local representative about special and multi-case discounts.