Optically Clear Teflon Film

The Difference is Clear

FluoroGrip ® Optically Clear Teflon Film keeps your glass clean and clear. Glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces on industrial machinery and processing systems are etched by corrosives, alcohols and other processing liquids, resulting in poor clarity and see-through visibility.

Now, you can keep it clean, clear and visible with FluoroGrip ® Optically Clear Teflon ® Film with our patented optically clear adhesive technology. It is specifically designed to protect machinery glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces from a variety of harsh chemicals found in today’s industrial, manufacturing, and processing environments.

FluoroGrip ® Films and Teflon coatings offer distinct advantages over other protective coating systems including easy, peel-and-stick application, superior chemical resistance and outstanding reliability.

antigraffiti 1antigraffiti 2

FluoroGrip ® Protective Films solve graffiti problems for good.

FluoroGrip ® fluoropolymer films protect against surface damage caused by graffiti and other environmental factors in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Durable bond ensures long-lasting protection.

FluoroGrip films withstand a wide variety of stresses such as extreme temperature cycling, UV rays, and a wide range of aggressive chemicals, paints and acids. FluoroGrip UV-stable, Teflon films offer a permanent alternative to conventionally etched films due to a patented plasma surface modification. The process creates a permanent, chemical covalent bond between the Teflon film and adhesive while retaining the full transparency of the film. The bond is permanent enabling it to be used in surface protection applications where currently available film products may fail within 2 to 3 years of use.

Easy to install for enhanced maintenance procedures.

FluoroGrip ® films offer superior adhesive technology for easy, peel-and-stick installation by existing maintenance crews. Its solid sheet design assures consistent coverage, even on edges and corners and systems are engineered for ease of inspection and maintenance. The films are ideal for use in new construction or ongoing maintenance programs.