Nano Composites

A New Polymer Nanocomposite Platform

Current research in the field of nanotechnology and the fabrication of polymeric composites is often complicated by the inability to obtain well-dispersed nano-particles within polymeric matrices. In general, these methods require that nanoparticles be protected by organic ligands that affect many of the properties inherent to unprotected nanoparticles (e.g., catalytic activity). Integument Technologies, Inc. has patented and developed a new “Polymer Platform Technology” for directly and permanently assembling “in-situ” metal and metal oxide nano-particles as well as interpenetrating networks of functional organics within polymeric materials.

By utilizing the inherent free volume contained in a fully cured organic polymer our laboratories have demonstrated the ability to grow metal and metal oxide nanoparticles that can be homogenously dispersed or controllably situated in any region within a polymeric matrix. In addition, this method provides fine control over nanoparticle sizes (and size distribution) down to several nanometers.

To date our nano-polymer composites have been used to demonstrate:

  1. Controlled optical absorbance and reflectance properties in polymers
  2. Controlled adhesion or foul release surface properties
  3. Surface and bulk chelation of catalysts, dyes, anti-microbials, and sensor recognition elements

In conclusion, this process produces novel nano-metal/organic composites that exhibit a variety of unique chemical, biochemical, optical, and electrical characteristics that make them attractive for many technological applications. Please see full powerpoint presentation for more details and examples of Integument’s powerful new nano-technology.

In-Situ formation of nanoparticles in polymers
  1. No hazardous nanoparticle synthesis
  2. Eliminates difficult polymer-nanoparticle mixing
  3. Capable of fabricating hundreds of various nanoparticle polymer composites
  4. Capable of producing large volumes of nanoparticle/polymer materials
  5. Relatively inexpensive to other nanotechnologies

New Technology Platform

nanotech chart platform

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