Membrane Film

FluoroGrip ® MX Membrane Provides Superior Resistance To A Wide Range Of Aggressive Chemicals

membrane film

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Membranes are furnished standard:

FluoroGrip ® MX Membrane combines the dual advantages of a fluoro-polymer film and butyl rubber adhesive, which can be applied in one simple step. Compared to traditional asphaltic membranes, the total FluoroGrip ® MX Membrane provides a critical, chemical and temperature resistant barrier between acid brick or monolithics and the underlaying concrete, steel or other substrates. FluoroGrip ® MX Membrane protects the substrate against chemical attack by acids and alkalies that seep through monolithic sheathing, cracking overlays or acid brick joints. At the same time, it can provide vertical and horizontal waterproofing on structural foundation walls and decks, offering an extremely versatile membrane system for use in food plants, breweries, chemical plants, electronics manufacturing, and other industrial containment areas. FluoroGrip ® MX Membrane improves service life under acid brick and monolithics in concrete or steel tank and floor applications, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Other applications include protection of below grade foundation walls, tunnels, concrete structures and slabs.

FluoroGrip ® MX Membrane is manufactured utilizing a patented plasma surface modification science. The process creates a chemical covalent bond between the fluoropolymer film material and pressure sensitive adhesive. The bond is permanent enabling it to be used in surface protection applications where no conventional adhesive-backed Teflon® film product or asphaltic adhesive system can be used.