Engineered Fluoropolymer Systems, Films, and Coatings

Integument Technologies, Inc. is a science-based developer and manufacturer of engineered fluoropolymer systems, films, and coatings for unique, extreme temperature, severe environment, and chemical service. Our green technology enables our systems to perform in a variety of applications where conventional paint, tape, and teflon film products fail or are environmentally hazardous.  Integument has and is continually developing a property database utilizing surface plasma treatments as well as nanoparticle technology in order to fabricate multifunctional materials for both commercial and military applications. Our current capabilities allow us to manufacture high performance films that can be directly applied, bonded, or coated onto metals, plastics, glass, and composite structures.

Integument has also developed a high performance paint replacement appliqué coating system designed to protect wind turbines, composite aircraft, and composite-based equipment from Environmental Electromagnetic Effects (E3), including damage incurred from direct lightning strikes.

The advantages of our technology based systems are multifold and include novel coating systems that have and utilize no toxic or hazardous chemicals or materials during installation, operation, removal, or repair. In addition, they have been engineered to provide end users with multifunctional capabilities that include:

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